Work remotely in Williamsport

Part of the Pine Creek Valley and PA Grand Canyon landscape of the PA Wilds

When rooted in Williamsport, you’ll be surrounded by the city, but outdoor adventures in the PA Wilds are around every corner. With two downtown coworking spaces, walkable downtown restaurants and shops, art galleries, and more  — you'll see why remote workers and entrepreneurs already call this historic city home.

Applications to live and work remotely in Williamsport in July 2024 are now closed.


You'll love the urban amenities the downtown has to offer: Shopping, arts & culture, events, and more.

Outdoor Rec

Take a break on the River Walk; or check out many hiking, biking, and other opportunities just a short drive away.

Craft Beverages

Williamsport has more than a dozen craft breweries! Make it your goal to see them all.


No slow wifi speeds here. Whether you're taking advantage of downtown coworking options or just working from your accommodations, you'll have the tech you need to get the job done.

Outdoor Recreation

Hiking and Biking Trails

Water Recreation (kayaking, tubing, etc.)



Bird Watching

… and much, much more!


Remote workers in Williamsport can expect to find amenities like:

Coworking Spaces

Coffee Shops



Craft Beverages


Must-See Attractions


Farmers Markets

Community Events

Live Music


Arts & Culture

Williamsport, PA, barn featuring PA Wilds logo

Coworking in Williamsport

You'll be able to work hard and play hard when living and working remotely in Williamsport.

The community is home to two coworking spaces: The Covation Center and CoWork Williamsport. Get to know others participating in the Wilds Are Working: Remote Lifestyle Experience, meet the community's entrepreneurs, and more.


What does the program cost?

As part of grant funding through the Appalachian Regional Commission, most expenses for this experience are covered. Accommodations will be no cost to participants; and each participant will receive an additional stipend in the form of a digital gift card to use at restaurants, local shops, and more. Coworking memberships are also paid for through the program. The only costs not covered by the program are daily living expenses such as groceries.

Is high-speed internet available?

High-speed internet is available in both communities (Williamsport and Saint Marys) participating in the 2024 Wilds Are Working: Remote Work Experience. 

Will I have cell phone service?

To make sure your service provider has available coverage, please consult this map.

Are partners or family members able to participate?

Yes, and some accommodations have been selected to cater to family needs. Keep in mind that the stipend for the program will not increase.

How will I meet other people in the community?

When you arrive for the Remote Work Experience, a friendly welcome committee will be in Williamsport to greet you. These individuals can help you plan an experience, help you get acquainted with town, help you find a rewarding volunteer opportunity, or even just meet up for a beverage with you. They’ll be available to reach throughout the duration of your stay. In addition, you’ll have an opportunity to meet other remote workers participating in the program.

Is Williamsport walkable?

Very much so! 

Is public transportation available?

Yes, public transportation is available through River Valley Transit. Uber and Lyft are also available locally.

Is this an employment opportunity?

No. the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, nor the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce, are offering employment opportunities. This remote work experience is suited only for currently employed individuals with flexible work location options.

What accommodations are available?

Accommodations are being selected by a community-based committee actively. More information will be provided as it becomes available.